Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Review : Texas Bride (A Bitter Creek Novel)

Author : Joan Johnston
3,5 stars

Miranda Wentworth lost her parents in the Great Chicago Fire. She and her five siblings then lived in an orphanage. The Wentworth siblings lived in a nightmare from the brutality of their headmistress, Miss Iris Birch, who punished them severely for any mistakes, real or imaginary ones. After she reached her 18th birthday, according to the orphanage rules, Miranda had to leave. It means she had to leave her siblings. As much as she wants to, she feared for her siblings lives in the hands of cruel and demented Miss Birch. Then, without her knowing, one of her sister answered an ad for a mail-order bride and without any choices left, Miranda begin a journey to Texas to marry a stranger.

Jacob Creed, nicknamed Jake, lost his wife and stillborn son. He was very shaken and promised himself that he would not be the reason for another woman’s death on childbirth. Six months later he still mourned their death but forced to face the need of having a new wife to care for his baby daughter, Anna Mae. He then posted an ad for a mail-order bride which Miranda's sister answered.

I like the story. It appeals to me. As a fan of marriage of convenience theme, I usually gave at least 4 stars for this kind of story. However there are some loose ends which pretty annoyed me. I don't want to reveal too much because they might be considered as spoilers. Let's just say I really want to know what really happened to Miranda's sisters. But most of all, I mourn the injustice which Jake's family, that is his father and mother, endured. I still feel the anger toward that guy, Alexander Blackthorne for what he did even if one might argue that he also a victim.

These are things left unanswered until the very end. But then again, I learned at the end of the book that this is the beginning of a series so I might find the answers in the upcoming sequels. Hopefully!

Please Ms. Johnston, don't let me hanging here!


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