Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Review : I'm Nobody: My Mother Said It; I No Longer Believe It

Author : Erma Steppe

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What is a mother?

According to, a mother is a "female parent". And what is a parent? According to the same source, a parent is a "protector or guardian". So, if a mother couldn't protect her offsprings, does she still deserve to be called a "mother"?

As a toddler, Erma was neglected. Not only denied the love and care from the only parent she knew, her mother, she had to endure physical and emotional abuse from her. Worse, her mother’s boyfriend also abused her sexually. The mother knew, but instead of rescued her, she even envied her! How sick is that?

As a teenager, Erma still lived in nightmares. She lived in and out of several foster homes and separated from her siblings. Often found herself denied the proper education she deserved as a child, she had difficulty to write or read properly. And that is just so sad.

Thankfully as an adult, Erma is a wife and mother of three. But the horror of the childhood wouldn’t go easily. She found herself unable to function properly as the housewife her husband deserved.

This book is an eye opener. Countless children suffer the horrible life Erma had to endure since childhood, maybe even worse. This book reminds me to thank God for my life, every single day. I may not be living the perfect life but I still have both parents who love me unconditionally.

I may not be able to understand how a woman like Erma’s mother failed to love her children the way they deserve to be love, but if I’m fortunate enough to be a mother, I promise myself I would do my best to be the “protector and guardian”.

Thank you Ms. Steppe for sharing your life story with us. My prayer goes out to you and all the abused children out there.

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